To lead with Data, you must become a highly resourceful Leader

- A Datapreneur

Data Leadership, combined with Intrapreneurship, will help you deliver impactful results.

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Why are you here

Do you wonder if there is a different way to grow your data leadership abilities?

You have tried going from conference to conference, from website to website, and from one search or the other on google.

You probably can relate to the following experiences:
  • Many ideas and best-practices seem theoretical or too generic. You are unable to validate the author's data leadership experience. Additionally, you are unsure if it will apply to your situation.
  • Content from vendors and product firms take a technology approach and do not address leadership challenges.
  • The material focuses on profoundly technical aspects or convoluted and lengthy processes with no relevance to data leadership.
  • The strategy and leadership segments of various data conferences provide leading insights but are limited in scope and applicability for your specific situation. 
Data leadership is different from data expertise. You need the help of someone who has walked a similar path.

When you find someone who can provide relevant insights, there is the challenge of availability, priorities, and vested interest. 

It would help if you had a peer who can ask you the tough questions, assist with course correction, provide you honest feedback, and one who has the time to share what they know.

All this without being judgmental, assuming, or withholding.

A tall order, until now.

Every unique situation requires differentiated strategies and solutions. 
Resourcefulness, more than resources, makes all the difference.

Hi, I'm Prakash

As a fellow Datapreneur, Business-Technologist, and former-CDO, I understand that leading with Data, either in a Business role or as a Data leader, is filled with difficult challenges and fantastic opportunities. 

Now you can use my experience to enable your success.

What is not UNDERSTOOD cannot be MANAGED


Activity without PURPOSE creates an illusion of PROGRESS while sabotaging all chances of real ADVANCEMENT

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